Wednesday, March 4, 2009


On the 3rd of march, night.

I went to an event in MMU called YUKATA WORKSHOP. What the F@#$ is yukata u might ask... well... its juz a japanese summer garment. U can just google it if u want more info bout yukata. I went there with my frends n we all tried it. We looked like samurai worriers, but... without the samurai. We do look good, if only we got samurai sword, sure we look awesome.

Got this chinese guy suggested "kan bagus klu ade bawa BATANG" *smack his head* hehehe. If got samurai sword dat time *chop his head* ngahahahaha

It was fun, learning how to tie the knot n evrytin. We took pics, lots n lots of pics. We where like models... ngehehehe. There are even girls wearing kimono... so KAWAII!!!!! Here are some pics

(We had fun)
note: click image for bigger view

Thats all... end

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