Monday, July 20, 2009

Squash Club

Few days ago... i registered for squash club in my university... actually my friends "paksa" me, they said if i dont want 2 join... they will kill me... TRUE, but not the killing part... hehe. What is squash?? well... its a recquet sport, beeing played in a four-walled court with a small, hollow rubber ball.

The first meeting was on the 16th of July, n it was great, knowing new frends, having fun, there was like 100 people there... NOT!!! it was like 20+ people there n we barely know each other. The only best part was that... got KFC, yum2. hehe.

Well... today was when i realize dat it was a good thing that our members are around 20+, cz MMU only got 3 squash court. My first training was at 7.00pm just now. We practice simple stuff such as "drive ball" and... well... thats it i guess. Cz we hv problem mastering it. Its harder than it looks though. i even had the chance to pose in some of the pics below...

i know, all of these pics are taken using my handphone. HUHU... cz recently i just sold my dslr. HUHU... now i know i cant survice without a dslr camera. huhu... need one....

thats all for today... tata... muah2 XD