Monday, March 2, 2009

Jumping Like Mad

These events happened on the 1st of march 2009, yesterday.

Minding my own business

I was like minding my own business, wasting time (lepak2… as usual). Suddenly there was sumthin in my mouth, sumthin hard but very small. It’s like a small pebble. But then it multiplies in my mouth. I ran and look at the mirror, I opened my mouth *jeng3*. I was shocked; All my lower teeth are GONE. I can even feel a lil tooth stuck in my throat. DIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Thank god still can breathe.

I ran and told my father wat had happen, he looked at me in the eye, and there was a 5 second gap b4 he replied…… “OH” *drop dead*. I was like so confuse but not in pain. Then the tooth in my throat started to make an itch. I tried 2 cough it out… but it didn’t work. I tried again... I get the same result. But on my 3rd attempt... I WOKE UP *damn* it was only a dream. I really dunno wat my dream meant. People said if u broke ur tooth in ur dream ull get bad luck for the rest of the day. Sum even said ull get rich. Not sure which is true… thank god its juz a dream... ngeh

After i woke up

My plan was to borrow my brothers car n go visit my frend. Yesterday was the last day that I could visit her. But my brother got plans of his own… so my plan was cancel. So I decided to follow my roommate (rein) send his brothers car back. It took us less then 30 minutes to reach UNITEN from MMU. When we reached there, we played tennis (pc game), took some pic of Gundam using my camera.

(makes me feel like wanna buy 1)
note: click image for bigger view

Then we went 2 Putrajaya, took sum pic there... and that's when we started jumping like mad. It was damn hot there. Jumping + Hot = Hot jumping pic. hehehehe

(Photos uploaded by my roommate REIN)

click here to view his blog

The best shot was the 1 where u can see both Sabah (where im from) and Negeri Sembilan (where Rein is from) flag. Thats all.. the end... buek

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  1. Jumping best~
    heheh..cOz i'm a superman wanna be