Thursday, May 28, 2009

Its Been A While

Hmmm... well... it seems that i really got nothin to write for more then 1 month. i guess nothin really happen. Im busy lately with the study week, exam week and all... study2, busy2, *gambatte*. Since i got nothin els to talk about... then in this post, im just goin to list down my top 5 best pics since i got my dslr. these pics have been edited though. here it goes

1st picture
Every Drops are Precious

Aperture f/5.4, Shutter speed 1/1250 sec, ISO-800

This picture was taken on the 16/1/2009. It was a rainy day, i was bored, n took my camera outside at the car park of my house in Sabah. Got this grat shot with superb detail.

(50% zoom from the original picture)

I zoom the pic about 50% n cropped it. the detail of the water are there. Love this pic.

2nd picture
The True Color of Mount Kinabalu

Aperture f/11, Shutter speed 1/20, ISO-100

This shot was amazing. Mount Kinabalu. On the 25/1/2009, I was wit my family at Perkasa Hotel in Kundasang. Using a polarized filter, i got most of the colors out of it. But sadly, the details are not so gud... because of the wrong contras setting that i forgot to change back before taking this picture.

3rd picture
Sweetest Moments

Aperture f/5.1, Shutter speed 1/250 sec, ISO-800

Bout this picture... i would say it was just my luck that i got this shot. it was just a split seccond, n no time for me to adjust to a lower ISO. But it turned out allright. Hehe

3rd picture

Aperture f/1.5, Shutter speed 1/20, ISO-1600

This shot was tuff. Well... its a cat... wat do u expect, they run n jump like hell. Did managed to calm Coco down n took this shot though. Took this shot in a room with bad lighting, my sister, reena became my assistant. It was on the 20/3/2009.

(50% zoom from the original picture)

Lots of detail are lost because of the high ISO setting. But it was ok... just look at the eye... AAAaaawww... hehehe

5th picture
Splash by My Sis

Aperture f/4, Shutter speed 1/640 sec, ISO-800

Love this picture... I wasnt using my polarized filter, but the color of the water was like unbeliveable. Took this picture on the 21/3/2009, at my cousins (camelia's) house. Love the detail. Told my sister, nina to make a splash, n this beautiful shot was taken.

(50% zoom from the original picture)

Just look at the detail. hehe. At least this pic remind me of my sister, since she started studying in UiTM kedah. Take care k nina. Muah2 with love from your brother XD

Ill try my best to update my blog. On the 29 and 30th will be my cousins (abang faizal's) wedding. So... i think ill write bout dat on my next post. Dats all.... for now XD