Thursday, March 5, 2009

McD... After 1 Month

More than 1 month, wow... for so long. At last, fast food!!!!! *scream with joy*. 30 min ago, came back from McD with my frends. B4 i went out with them... i was chattin with my frend N. I told her i was goin 2 sleep.
Our conversation, 2.11am:
  • N----- S-----: tu la~
  • N----- S-----: jom2 tdo
  • D@2: hehehehhe
  • D@2: jom
  • D@2: brus gigi dlu aaaa
  • N----- S-----: sudah!
  • D@2: nanti lipas kiss
  • N----- S-----: u yang belom
  • N----- S-----: hahahahah
  • N----- S-----: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa yakszz
  • D@2: mcm mna u tau i blm?
  • N----- S-----a: hehhehehehe
  • N----- S-----: i check td kan
  • N----- S-----: hehehe
  • D@2: smpi sna bushuk ke
  • D@2: k lah
  • N----- S-----: hehhehe
  • N----- S-----: heheheh
  • N----- S-----: jom2 tidoq~
  • D@2: orite
  • D@2: jom2
  • D@2: cuci kaki
  • N----- S-----: owh!! ok2
  • N----- S-----: hehhehe
  • D@2: nite2
  • N----- S-----: nite u
  • N----- S-----: sweet dream~
  • D@2: u 2
  • D@2: hehe
But... few second after that, im in the car, on the way 2 Seri Kembangan *WTF*. Hehehe, sowi N.

Waaaaah BIG Mc... Mmmmm, it taste good, eventhough its crap n not gud for health, but still... its my crap, ngeh .I still remember the last time i went 2 a fast food restaurant... waaah... the old days... wait... i cant remember... what the hack, hehehe. Even got the time to take pic.

(First sip)
note: click image for bigger view

(BIG MC!!!)
note: click image for bigger view

(Its finger blurring good)
note: click image for bigger view

note: click image for bigger view

note: click image for bigger view

(Peeeweeet... theres a model down there)
note: click image for bigger view

Thasts all for now... wanna go sleep XD

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