Sunday, February 28, 2010

MMU Advanturace '10

Firstly, i wanted to say sorry for this very2 long post. It even pushed all my older post far behind... ahak XD. But in this post there are 92 PICTURES. So for those who hates reading (Like me XD) u can just view all the pictures instead. tq.... lalalalalalalalalalalalalala

Early last week i hv been called to b a photographer for a club event called MMU Advanturace on the 27th yesterday. What is MMU Advanturace u might ask? MMU Advanturace is just like the show called The Amazing Race in AXN. It is open for not only MMU students but also non-MMU. Each team consist a maximum of 4 people and each team needs a car. There are 9 station where each group needs to complete each task in each station to get a coupon. The first 3 teams that arrives at the starting point with all 9 coupon and completes all question with the right answers wins. Those 9 location are aroun MMU, Cyberjaya and Putrajaya. The task given includes rock climbing, rollerblading, playing golf at a driving range, archery and more.

I came around 6am where my friends are setting up the stage. They hv only a few members of committee to handle such a big event. The leader, Su (She was my class mate XD) was busy organizing every single thing for the event. At 7.20am the first contestant arrived followed by the second and so on. They registered their team with their unique team name (like Team Kambing "beeek~")

Each group will get a map and the first location hv been selected randomly. Few teams then started to search the location using their laptop or GPS systems in their hand phone.

Then the event started with a speech by Su, the VIP and also a briefing by Shaynee (also was my class mate XD) about the what to do and what not to do. Then each group needs to show their cheer before they get their breakfast.

15minutes before 10am, that is before the race start, each team warm up their cars and the photoshoot begins... hehe XD

Before the flag being wave to starts the race, each team will line up at the starting point. I got a video that i recorded using my Nikon D90 few minutes before the race starts. From the video below u can see each participants honk their horns as loud as they can.

Since i dont have a car (If only i have a car XD), i followed my friend Ming Han (again, was my class mate XD) to some of the stations. He is in charge of the food and med kit for the committee.

The first station that i went was the archery. only 1 goup was there as u can see below

So we went to to the closest station, the fire station. No luck, nobody was there. So we went to the skate part to try our luck and yes there are few groups there, i even caught groups that hv just arrived there

On the way to the next station, i took a pic of a team walking in a group. Im not sure what the next station is called but i did snap few pictures.

After that station will be the rock climbing.

I then did caught a group asking a secuirity for the next location. So we decided to follow them XD

Arrived at the next station, the Putrajaya Millenium Monument where teams will hv to find the answers for the quizzes given in their booklet.

Then we went to the futsal station (just found that its "futsal" not "footsal". Don't believe me, click here) where each teams need to beat a permanent team there with two goals. If they are unable to beat them for 7 minutes, they will hv to face 15minutes of penalty before continuing to their next station.

After that we went to the driving range where teams need to hit the ball pass a line that hv been set up by the committee.

To bad i hvnt got the chance to go to all 9 stations since my friend needs to settle a few things at the finish point. This is because around 12 noon the first time hv already arrived. Picture below are the top 3 teams

Picture below, top team number one (team kambing, "beeek~"), left number 2 followed by number 3 XD

And this blog wont b complete without a pic of me~~ hehe