Wednesday, December 16, 2009

More Pictures (HAJI)

Exam week... haish

anyway... its been a while... really got nothin to talk about. so ill just post some pic. took these pictures when i went back to sabah for HAJI on the 26th to 29th of November. HAJI was on the 27th. Why i went back? Cz my parents went for HAJJ or we what we Malaysian call HAJI. My younger s sister (Shazreena) was kindda lonely at home.

but b4 posting all the pictures, Shazreena's birthday was on the 21st of November. So me, my brother n my second younger sister (Sharlina) plan to share money (or in malay we call "tong2", or in Sabah we call "patak2") n buy her a small mini printer. Cz my mum n dad bought her an early present... a Sony Cyber-shot compact digital camera.

Back to the topic... pictures...

26th, arrived at 0100. yup 1am... and my lil sister hvnt sleep yet. so i gave her her present.

(she loves the printer)

27th, HAJI... at noon i went out, searching for a camera shop, just to update myself with new camera n lenses. then i just went out on the road with my D90 and shoot anythin i can.

at night, my uncle invited us for dinner with my cousin. Here are some pictures at the seafood restaurant

Then my cousin (camelia) invite us for bowling the next day. Her dad said ok

28th noon, fetch my cousin and my lil sis. My lil sis said she wanted to eat first. so we went to Shushiking for lunch

Then... BOWLING... well... and some crazy shots

29th... went back to cyberjaya cz monday got class XD

thats all... lots of pic huh... XD