Sunday, September 27, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya

Yup... Selamat Hari Raya... sorry for the late post

The night of Raya 19th
Lepak2 in subang (my grandmother's house). Not planing on staying there for the night... instead my parents book a condo in Petaling Jaya 2 days earlier. The condo was nice... 2 rooms, very spacious. We rent a Nissan Grand Livina since there are 6 of us and my brother's car is a Proton Wira Aeroback.

(My brother... he's the driver XD)

We all "buka puasa" in Subang... and... that is all i guess... hehe.

1st day of Raya 20th
From the condo, send my mum to Subang... then me, my dad and my brother went for Raya Prayer in Subang there. After that, went back to PJ, fetch 2 of my lil sisters then went back to Subang. Then eat, eat, n eat... all u can eat XD

(On the right... my lil sis recording every moment with her new JVC camcorder in full HD 1080)

At night... "bunga api".... wohooo

2nd day of Raya 21st
Went to Sunway Piramid.... hehehe. My sister wants to shop... me too... hehe. Lepak2 there... then went to my dad's old friend house... "beraya there". Ate their hand make cake... very yummy. Then went for dinner at Kenny Rogers Roasters in IOI mall Puchong.

(Lepak2 at sunway piramid... XD)

(The home made cake... yummy2)

(Kenny Rogers Rosters)

3rd day of Raya 22nd
On the 3rd day of Raya, we went to One Utama... just for a while since we plan to "beraya" at my cousin's house not far from there. Then i saw my cousin... LIA!!!!.... hehehe... miss u.... can see ur neck orady.... wooohooo. Me still thin... uuuuhuuuu. She bought a new speedlight flash, Nikon sb-600 for her DSLR, the Nikon D60... coooool. Give me Lia.... i want. hehehe.

(Left... me holding Lia's Nikon d60 with the Nikon SB-600 speedlight flash)

After "beraya" there... "beraya" at another house in subang. That was wen the fun begin. ROCK BAND on PS3. Hehe... its like Guitar Hero but with an extra guitar for the base, a drum set for the drummer and a mic for the singer. Cool huh.... a whole band. Everyone were hving so much fun.


(this was the last song... with all the fans behind... FLOAT ON!!!)

This week is my exam week... busy2
Till then... tata... XD

Monday, September 14, 2009


FYI... my brother's FYP presentation was awesome. Hehe.

Yup, his Final Year Project presentation (FYP). He told me to take same pic, so i came. It was held in the Faculty Of Engineering (FOE) building. He was calm n cool when presenting. His project was creating a sound effect program using a software called MATLAB... and i would say... he did well. The program converts voice or any other sounds to a few multiple choices from Chipmunks to Dath Vader (uuhhhhhuuuuuuu... I AM YOUR MOTHER... hehe). My brother did mentioned that his plan was to create a conversion from a male voice to a female voice (that would be so cool)... but he said it was !@#$ hard. After the presentation... he was like "punya laaa... so nervous" hehehe. Here are some pics

There u go... hehe... thats all 4 now... tata

Post edited... correction... its not a software... im not sure wat called it... n i'm pretty sure its not a software

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Photo Shoot

Its 4.30am in the morning... "SAHUR!!!".... wait aaa~... I eat first...

Im done... hehe

In my previous post i did mention that i "balik" Sabah... well... just for about 3 days... but i did few things. In fact, i did a lot of things when i was in Sabah... including my favorite subject... photography. It was Sunday 6/9/2009... i was just sitting in the living room... lookin at my toes. Then i took my camera outside... i even took my dads Tamron 90mm macro lens.... attached it with all 3 extension tubes that i got, n took some pics. The pics are not that good though... need lots of practice. I posted some pics i took below

(the same flower i took with the macro lens in my previous post)

(Hard to really focus the fly... this is the only good pic i got, still not good enough)

(My lil sister's eye... the position ain't that good, she keeps moving)

But then... after few shots... my dad called me. He gave me an assignment... do a photo shoot of my lil sister, dayang shazreena (whaaaaaat!). The prob is that... to have a good studio photo shoot, i need a good studio light. But... b4 searching a light source... i need to make a mini studio. I did manage to make evrything, including getting some good lighting. I did evrything in the guest room. My mum helped my lil sis with her hair and all. The result are good. Here are some of the pics

Then i pick a few of the best pictures... and edit it in one picture... using a black background

(i picked this 3 shots because each hand posture shows different meaning)

My dad was pleased with the result... he even told me to copy the pictures i took to his laptop. JOB DONE... hehe

Thats all for now... tata XD

Monday, September 7, 2009

Windows 7

Wah... just came back from Sabah. Yup, I "balik" Sabah last Friday, and now im here. 3 n a half day is not enough. "sandi betul ni, nda puas" Hehe

I installed Windows 7 for my desktop pc... really nice, the loading time are amazingly fast... even when u start the pc... super fast. Looks cool too.

So i decided to install Windows 7 on my netbook (got a new Acer Aspire One netbook about 2 months ago). BUT... i got 2 problems

1. All netbooks don't have a CD/DVD Rom drive. So cant install Windows 7 by DVD
2. My netbook have the original Windows XP fixed in the 160GB hard disk... so formatting and installing the new Windows 7 will erase it from the hard disk

My solution ..

1. Since i can't install by DVD, i hv to install by USB thumb drive, so i need to make a bootable 4GB thumb drive
2. Since i dont want to delete the original Windows XP from the 160GB hard disk, i bought a new 500GB hard disk XD

So... First, i make my thumb drive as a bootable thumb drive, and transfed all the Windows 7 installer in the thumb drive. Then, i open the back of my leptop with a screw driver (oh my god... my warranty!) then just exchange the Hitachi 160GB hard disk with the newly bought Western Digital 500GB hard disk (waaaaaaaa). Finally, i just boot my thumb drive, install the windows like normal.. and i'm done... TADAAAA.

Some people might b wondering how i make my thumb drive a bootable thumb drive. Below are the steps i did.

Below are 7 steps tutorial on how to install Windows 7 using a thumb drive. 7 steps Windows 7, hehe.

Step 1: Download windows 7
Download Windows 7 (pirated... hehe XD). Im pretty sure its a ".iso" file since u downloaded it from the internet.

Step 2: Extract windows 7 ISO file
Extract it in a new folder on ur desktop using a software called WinRAR (u can just google for it).

Step 3: Copy the bootsect file
Then, in the new folder on the desktop, open a folder called "boot", then right click on a file called "bootsect.exe" and select copy. Now... open ur drive C, then just paste it there.

(u can see the folder called "boot")

(a file called "bootsect")

(paste the boostsect in C drive)

Step 4: Using the command prompt like a PRO to format your thumb drive
Open a command prompt as administrator (Go to start> all programs > accessories > and right click on Command Prompt, then select "Run as administrator".

Next just type as below into the command prompt

list disk

from here u can see the number of disk and USB available. Ill asume the USB thumb drive is "disk 1". Now... u need to format the drive by typing as below. U can replace the number "1" with the number of your disk below.

select disk 1

create partition primary

select partition 1

format fs=NTFS

There u go, u hv just formatted ur thumb drive.

Step 5: Still using the command prompt like a PRO, but now to make it bootable
Now u need to make ur thumb drive a bootable thumb drive. just continue typing in the command prompt as an administrator. U can replace the letter "f" with the letter of your disk below.

bootsect /nt60 f:

Now ur thumb drive is a bootable thumb drive.

Step 6: Making ur thumb drive a bootable Windows 7 thumb drive.
This step is easy... since u hv got a bootable thumb drive... now u just hv to copy all the files n folders of Windows 7 from the new folder on your desktop to your thumb drive

Step 7: Almost done
Yup... almost done... because now u need to change ur pc (or in my case... my netbook) to boot the usb. Switch on your pc... go to setup of ur BIOS, change the boot setting to force boot a USB or Drive... now you are done

Thats all...