Thursday, March 5, 2009


Today was the worst day of my life. Bankrupt!!!!!... i got no money, not even a single thing. I stayed at this hotel. i stayed there for 2 times, the same hotel... yup, not 2 nites, but for 2 times. Staying there for 1 time cost $950, so... it cost me $1900. DIEEEEEEE. I sold my house, all my property. i got nothin, and im officially bankrupt. BANKRUPT... can u belive it.

It all started after 11am, i got class at 1pm... but still nowan came. orady 5 weeks in a row (since first week) *curse u totrial class*. ngehehe. so... i got nothin 2 do the whole afternoon. Thats when it started. BUNKRUPT... DIEEEEE. i even got the prove.

Yea... Its a game. hehehehe. Sponge Bob Monopoly. I was playing with my roomate Rein. He was using Patrick Star. Squidward was the computer. We played for more than an hour... got prove there in the pic. I landed at the same hotel twice. DIEEEEEEEEE. At first we plan 2 KILL Squidward... hehehe. We even trade our land, trying 2 beat the pc, when Squidward is gone, thats wen the laughing n screaming began. ngahahahahaha. It was fun... look out Rein... next time ill beat u.

1 comment:

  1. no need to beat..
    i now u will lose ur property again..
    Ahahahhahaha...(evil laugh)