Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Today i went out wit my old frend Fadhil. I think about 3 months we didn meet. At 2am we where chattin online. We plan 2 wake up early and he will come 2 MMU Cyberjaya and fetch me. After we chat i continue chattin (sms) with my friend Glo (she was mad at me cz i reload her HP) *smack my head* (i shud not hv done that). We chat till 3am.

The next morning, i heard "Datu2, we!!!!... bangun la... Fadh dah datang". It was my frend Ayie at the door with his 'tongkat' (he injured his leg the last time he played football). I look at my hp... *OMFG!!!* its almost 10pm. hahahahahaha. Fadhil came n i greet him then i went 2 shower. Few minutes after that we where on the way 2 KL. While on the way, his touch n go didnt function at the toll, ngahahahahaha. So funny. Thank got it was ok at the second try.
First we went 2 fix his hp, went 2 KFC for lunch, then went 2 pavilion. So i shop, shop, shop.... hahaha.....

The time we went out i off my hp cz my batt was red. When switch it on... there it was... 33 missed call by the same person *OMG*... hehehehe XD

Anyway... my friend birthday is tomorrow, so i just wanna wish her HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! SMILE ALLWAYS...

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