Monday, October 19, 2009


Im bored... havnt update my blog.

Yesterday me n my lil sis made a pizza...

And few minutes ago... i made a sandwich...

more info on how i make the bread, log on to my auntie's website

And you know what... thats all... tata... XD

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My SB-600 and Light Stand

A week ago i got myself a SB-600 speedlight for my Nikon D90.

Bought from a friendly guy... the condition is still good. His reason for sale is to save money for the SB-900... whoo~. I test it few times... learning the basics of manual flash where the aperture controls the exposure and the shutter controls the ambient light. Really cool... starting to understand the concept of flash power... and how to use the Nikon wireless CLS or iTTL system... But i mostly use the manual, so TTL is out of my dictionary for wireless flash... i took some pic

This is a simple shot. Just place my roommate's (Danial) perfume on the table, with the SB-600 behind it. The shutter speed at 1/4000s eliminates the ambient light creating a pitch black background. In this photo, i was holding an A4 paper right in front of the perfume so that it creates a long white reflection on the cover of the bottle perfume. Picture not edited.

Yesterday, at noon, i received my percale by Postlaju... wooohooo... my light stand that i ordered from simple stand to put the SB-600. since i hv got no bracket for the flash to stick to the stand and a white umbrella, ill just make my own by scratch. DIY... hehe

Cool huh... today i turned the guest room into a studio... well... just a simple studio. Still learning how to take a proper portrait.

Tata... XD

Monday, October 12, 2009

Back to Sabah... Weird things happen

Yup... just arrived sabah. at last... holiday... WOOHOO!!!

It started this morning, i woke up at 0700. Kindda too early cz my flight at 1250 hours... Flight AK5106. Then i decided to go eat, went down to hostel...

WHAT!!!... closed... well yea~, holiday... then my tummy go "grrr"... haiz.

Thats ok, ill go buy food outside campus, then i went back to my room, 4th floor, took my brothers car key. Then right in front of my brothers car, i took my wallet and take a lil peek...

WHAT!!!... I have like RM11.25 only...

But thats ok, its enuf for me to order a Nasi Goreng Biasa. So i unlock the car, start the car then waited outside for a while... warming the car up... after a minute or two...

WHAT!!!... no fuel... how am i suppose to go to the airport with no fuel

Thats when i realize that the flight was booked together with some food, Nasi Beriani... so i went back to my room... ya~, 4th floor. It started to rain... heavily. So, i packed evrything up... and then i was on my way to Putrajaya Bus Terminal... But wen i was on the way to Putrajaya

WHAT!!!... the car skidded... yup... i was at 70km/h... and it skidded

i turned left in a junction, the car skidded... i felt the car going sideways... my hand started to freeze... i have got like about 10 meters before crashing on to the pavement was wen i hit the breaks... but it adds even less grip on the tires, making the back end of the car turn while producing a loud screeching sound... not even reducing my speed, i was less then 6meters before hitting the pavement... then, with my gaming knowledge... i slowly release the brakes, but still adding a little pressure... while slowly counter the direction by slowly steering the car to the right... then the car just glide smoothly out from the tight junction. Im telling u... its all in slow motion. i was really shocked, my body was shaking for a while, my gut was all cramped... even my balls felt like it was smacked using a baseball bat.... thank god avrythin turned out ok and without a scratch or dent on the car.

After that... went to Putrajaya Bus Terminal, planed to fetch my brother's friend, Aiman there. I thought he will waiting at the front of the terminal, so i called him... he said he was down there near the buses... the problem is that, i never driven near the buses. so i went there, frind a junction to go near the buses, went straight, following a sign saying "park & ride"... after few meters...

WHAT!!!... saw a sign saying "Kuala Lumpur"... i missed the junction...

Luckily there was another sign showing the way back to Putrajaya Bus Terminal not far after that. Fetch Aiman, then he send me to LCCT. Arrived there at 1020... bit early cz the counter hvnt open yet. So i waited right in front of the big screen. So i double check my beg and all... when

WHAT!!!... I forgot my acer laptop charger...

Thats ok, my brother, my lil sister, my mum, all using acer laptops. So its not a big problem then. Then i checked in when the the counter opened. So now i hv to wait for the plane. So bored, the rain started to slow down. Kindda empty, but after a while, it was like "pasar ikan".

(my gate, still few many empty chair at this time)

Then i saw this guy looking at me. He looked so tough, wearing shades... so i ignored him... but i still felt like hes still looking at me, so i took a peek... yea... he stares at me like i he was going to kill me. then a lil kids came from behind me... ran too him. so he wasnt looking at me after all. I mind my own business. Then, a bottle fell from his unzipped bag. He stands up with the his big bag on his back, bend down to take the bottle, thats when it happen...

WHAT!!!... 2 glass from his back pack fell less then one meter and right in front of me...

I was like so "tekejut". the two glass are just like the glass that i got from mcd in my previous post. He cleaned it up and evrything was ok and then...

(Few bits of glass left on the floor)

WHAT!!!... the lcd screen at my gate P2 showing destination to P. Langkawi

(can see clearly its P. Langkawi)

Wow, i was shocked, i double chek my ticket... yea... its gate P2.I decided to wait... wait... and wait. I was correct... this gate is the right gate... hehe. The cool thing is, My seat 5F, is qualified for express boarding... Wooohooo. Then evrythin went perfectly fine. Took a picture while they where fueling the plane.

(fueling, tube connected from the ground to underneath the wing)

Everything was ok while the plane was taxing, till...

WHAT!!!... just wen the plane started to speed up... theres was a weird loud noise

Huhu... the noise was like a loud repeating "klack" sound at the right turbine of the plane. That was the first time i was really scared on a plane... ever... in my life. It was really loud, and last about 20 minutes when the plane was already a few thousand meters above sea level. Took some pictures.

(nice view)

Ate my Nasi Beriani...

(it was ok)

and landed safely... Alhamdulillah.

(going down the staircase)

Thats wat happen today... weird huh... hehe

thats all... tata XD

Friday, October 9, 2009

McD again

Halu... yesterday was my last paper. b4 the paper... i studied like #ell. yup... #ell. Non stop, cz the subject was Engineering Math (dizzy2). Studied... till 1am, my paper starts at 9am. So i got like about 7 more hours... then it came... unexpected... at the wrong moment... and the wrong time (jeng3)... i heard a low pitch trembling sound... (GRRRRRRRRRRK) i was hungry... hehehe. But i got a problem... i got no food... i need food... FOOD!!! then i ask my roomate who's still a wake at that time.

Me: Danial... bank bukak ke malam?
Danial: Bukak... skarang ni rasenye dah bukak?
Me: Sure ke?
Danial: Sure... haritu i pegi pukul 1 lebih dah bukak dah?
Me: i lapar la
Danial: tau tak pe.
Me: ade kedai bukak ke skarang? Dalam campus memang dah tutup dah kan
Danial: A'a, dalam campus dah tutup. Klu nak makan, makan luar campus la
Me: Kat mane?
Danial: Kat (can't remember... hehe)
Me: i nak pegi mcd la, since i ade kete abang i
Danial: nak ikut skali... hehe
Me: ok2... erm... nanti gerak kul 2 la k
Danial: k

then we went to McD Sri Kembangan, brought all my study material... hehe then orderd 1 set quarter pinder.. add an extra chocolate sundae... got a free glass... n its really a glass... not a simple plastic cup. Then Danial ordered the same offer... he got the glass too... hehe. studied there till 4.30... then went back to campus. thats all... XD

Sorry for the poor image quality... took these pics with my N95... till then XD