Saturday, March 28, 2009

1 Week Holiday

Wow... in this post are events that happened in the whole weekend in sabah, must be a very long post. here it goes

Friday 20th
Today i got the urge to take picture of my cats (kittens to be exect) Kiko, Coco, and Snow. very2 cute. made a small studio with white cloth as background n backup lamp as lighting. here are the shots

note: click image for bigger view

Saturday 21st
Today... my mum, both sis n me went to my cousins (camie) house. SWIIIIIIMM. I brought my camera, set the ISO as high as possible (but pic will end up grainy a.k.a noisy) since i wanna get a high shutter speed. after a few shots... we started jumping n splashing into the pool. then my mum took over and bcame the cameraman (correction... camerawoman... hehehe). plan 2 edit the pic as animated pic ".gif", but most of the picture quality will b lost. Here are the best shots

note: click image for bigger view

Sunday 22nd
Today my we went to the zoo. hehehe. I used my dads camera... Nikon D90 *mouth opened*. Not much interesting pic... so wont b posting pic for this day (too many pic in this post already)

Tuesday 24th
Today was fun... i went out wit my friend, hehehe. She was so kind n so cute... and looked amazing *heart stoped*. We went out round2 center point finding a present for my sister. But end up empty handed.. hehehehehehe. Then we stop by at Yogur Berry (my first time). Yum2... very masam (till my face go pnyet2 few times). We didnt finish it... hehehe. Mine sill got fish tail in side (not real fish tail)

note: click image for bigger view

Then we decided to go skating... dats when the fun starts, cz we where there alone. We talked and had a lot of fun... The second time she fell down, she pulled me, so we both fell... hehehe.... we both sat there on the wax floor with no one around in the skating ring. She fell down 3 times... i fell down 1 time... so i win.... hehehehe

After skating we went to Tanjung Aru Plaza, photocopy some documents. Then went for high tea... hehehe (but ordered apple juice)

note: click image for bigger view

Wednesday 25th
HAPPY BIRTHDAY sis!!!! Now shes officially 18... and getting older. We (me, my sis and kazen) went to Wagamama to celebrate. We got coupons.... hehehehe. But after few minits on the road my sis decided to invite her frend. She invited her frend Ah Lina a.k.a Athung. Mmmm... shushi, yum2. Got few shots

note: click image for bigger view

After a few minits Athung became crazy... mental or sumthin. She started decorating a cup of jelly... WHAT... are u mad??? hehehe. Actually it was cute. Got few version of the jelly, evolving from a sad face to a smily face, started growing ELF ears too.

(So funny)
note: click image for bigger view

After the celebration... we went to camies house, packing her stuff for her convo tomorrow.

That night me and my family went out for dinner at Rasa Nyonya not far from Tong Hing. celebrate my sis birthday and also my mums coming birthday (my mums birthday tomorrow). Camie also join... hehehe.

Tomorrow will b camies convo, so shes staying at my house for the night. When we where back home, she started experimenting with my camera after i tought her few basics yesterday. Here are shots taken by her. (This moment my phone buat hal... curse u hand phone!!!)

(Pics are dark cz no good lighting available)
note: click image for bigger view

Thursday 26th
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUMmy. hehehehe. woke up early, send camie to her convo tinggy at my ex school.. LA SALLE at tanjung aru. After i send camie, i parked my car at a parking spot not far from the beach, wen i looked around... both my sisters are asleep (awww... must be tired). then i decided to bring them to mcD for breakfast. after that we went back to La Salle... OMG, we were late. We came in... damn!!! the principle was making a speach... then evryone looked at us.... we where like VIP.... hahahahaha. It was fun... meeting my teachers, frends and all.

When evrythin was done... we went back home. Then i went out to meet her again, this time for lunch (at 2.30... is it still lunch hour?). She was adorable, hehehehe. she looked awesome. We talked, and i secretly took her pic... sshhh... don tell her, hehehe.

Just found out she took my pic too... hehehe

She said she was full, but she did finish all... hehehehe (cz i kindda paksa... jaat me). after that we went to a phone shop, tryin to get my hp fix. But they said it will b done after a month... WHAT!! So i canceled.

Friday 27th
The last day b4 goin back to KL. Got plan but canceled. So decided to go buy stuff. Went to CP, tryin 2 find "rantai"... then saw my frend Dyana, wearing a pink sweater at Palm Square (she so cute... hehe). She was on break. So she decided to join me. All the necklaces doesnt suite a guy... then we walked to Pasar Philippine, didnt find any there too. We went back, stop by at Warisan Square for a drink and send her back too work. Thats when i saw this BAG... so nice... wanna buy, no money ow. But after that i go bought sumthin from a gift shop for my frend... eh... since wen i got money... hehe. Then i decided to go meet my frend Fazley... he was working, but he just "cabut lari" and meet me. We just talked since we havnt seen each other for so long. then we took pic... he was trying to be as tall as i am in this pic.. hehe

Hehehe... 7.45pm i drove my car... 8.00pm i reached my frends house, gave the gift... then go back home. thats all i guess.

My holiday was ok, at least i did some stuff... cant wait for the next holiday... hehehe

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Im just goin 2 wish my frend happy birthday in this post. soooo... here it goes



Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Today i went out wit my old frend Fadhil. I think about 3 months we didn meet. At 2am we where chattin online. We plan 2 wake up early and he will come 2 MMU Cyberjaya and fetch me. After we chat i continue chattin (sms) with my friend Glo (she was mad at me cz i reload her HP) *smack my head* (i shud not hv done that). We chat till 3am.

The next morning, i heard "Datu2, we!!!!... bangun la... Fadh dah datang". It was my frend Ayie at the door with his 'tongkat' (he injured his leg the last time he played football). I look at my hp... *OMFG!!!* its almost 10pm. hahahahahaha. Fadhil came n i greet him then i went 2 shower. Few minutes after that we where on the way 2 KL. While on the way, his touch n go didnt function at the toll, ngahahahahaha. So funny. Thank got it was ok at the second try.
First we went 2 fix his hp, went 2 KFC for lunch, then went 2 pavilion. So i shop, shop, shop.... hahaha.....

The time we went out i off my hp cz my batt was red. When switch it on... there it was... 33 missed call by the same person *OMG*... hehehehe XD

Anyway... my friend birthday is tomorrow, so i just wanna wish her HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! SMILE ALLWAYS...

Monday, March 9, 2009

Just Married

Not me... hahaha. My cousin, abang Fir. 1 moment we where playin Load Runner (pc game), now hes married. So fast time goes by. The wedding was big... n i mean really big, very grand. It was held in Labis, Johor. Menteri johor n YB2 also came (I think...). On the 7th march 2008, i became 1 of the guy that carry the "hantaran" and also a photographer... hehehe. That night we stayed in a hotel called The Neo Pegasus. The next day, 8th march, was the bersanding ceremony.

On the 7th, evening, mostly i was using my cousin's, Lia (Abang Fir's lil sis) Nikon D60 with 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6. My brother used my camera on that day. We dont have a speed light flash, so i just set the iso 600-1600, depends on the condition. On the 8th morning, using my Olympus E-520 with 14-42mm f/3.5-5.6 kit lens, i set my aperture at f/3.5 for most of my shots and let the shutter do its work in aperture priority mode.

7th March 2009

(The cake... yum2)
Olympus E-520

Olympus E-520

(The ring)
Olympus E-520

(Thats me right there... heheheh)
Olympus E-520

(Abang Fir and his Dad)
Olympus E-520

Nikon D60

Nikon D60

Nikon D60

Nikon D60

(Aawww... hehehe)
Nikon D60

Olympus E-520

8th March 2009

All photos below taken using Olympus E-520


It was my first time taking pic using a dslr for a wedding. Good experiance, need to improve though. Got my next session on May, Abang Faizal's wedding (Abang Fir's lil bro, Lia's big bro). Must get readdy... Gambate!!!