Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Abang Faizal's Wedding

on the 29th n 30th of may... i became my faizal's, my kazen pengapit. the wedding was held in melaka

akad nikah... didnt do much on this day. juz sitting near him. at night was amazing. me... as his pengapit, i had to hold the umbrella, yea... weird huh... umbrella at night... theres a reason though. got fire works. it was beautiful. we went in side... and i start doin my job 'kipasing' n 'laping' abang faizal. hehe. he was sweating like hell... me too

besanding... same like last nite, i hold the umbrella n escort abang faizal till he hit down n start sweating... hehe... wah, very hot this time... 'kipasing' n 'laping' abang faizal like last nite... thats all i guess.

i dont hv any pics for those days yet since im the pengapit n all. will copy those pics from my kazen soon. but i got wedding pics for the guys side that was held on the 13th of june in Lahad Datu. this time i became a photographer cz its my bro's turn to b a pengapit. using my dad's dslr. nikon d90 with sigma 18-200mm 3.5-5.6 and a nikkor 55mm 1.8. still... got no speed light flash... so most of my pics are blur cz not using any flash or uneven lighting cz using the builed in flash. so... tada...

(getting ready for the big night)

(the lcd spoiled the view, thank god they cover the back of the lcd with a cloth just in time)

("Ketibaan Pengantin")


(my borther doin his job as a pengapit)

otw back to kk... i took sum pic of the new air plane.

(cool huh)

(r u sure its under my seat)

(can see my house from here... n im serious)

(just landed)

So i guess dats all... gud nite... heheh