Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My First Post

Wah... my first blog. At last, a place for me to write crap bout my life... hehehe. At first I was like "YAY!!! My very own blog, writing stuff or events in my life, cool". Thats when i realize that nothin really did happen in my life *sob2*. In that case, Ill just write what I did few second ago... havin my dinner

Hmmm... since I started studying in MMU cyberjaya campus (just transfered from MMU melaka campus... at last) I normally ate chicken chop... but this time I ordered sumthin difrent. Its BEEF STEAK... MMMmmmmmmm *yum2*

I posted sum pic, just 2 make the first post bit interesting, ngeh2

note: click image for bigger view

The first bite was like heaven... not. Ive tasted a far more better steak *shhhhh... not so loud, untie from the shop might hear*. I was there with my roommate. He ordered 2 banjo burger... I repeat... 2 banjo burger. hehehehe

(fuyo... nice buns)
note: click image for bigger view

Then I end my dinner with a tin of Grass Jelly Drink *cool name*

(Gulp3... ahh~)
note: click image for bigger view

(don't worry... its halal)
note: click image for bigger view

Thats all i guess... wah, it seems kindda long for a first post.
Wanna go sleep... damn, class at 8am...
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