Sunday, April 12, 2009

Cyber Fusion 09

What is Cyber Fusion??

"Malaysia’s bid to smash the Guinness world record of the longest LAN party with over 250 hardcore gamers taking part. Current Guinness book record was set in 2008 at the Nvision event in the US. The record had 203 gamers playing for 36 hours over a LAN."

Got this info from a reliable source, my frends blog.. hehe
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It last for 40hours, from the 10th april till 12th april today. Sadly i didnt join. Evry1 who joined got free this n free that, but thats ok, i was kindda busy dat time (temankan my frend meet his old frend at KL Central). FYI, Id rather spend time with my frends or family than playin games for 40 hours, thats wat im tryin 2 say. It was held at the MMU Grand Hall, and i would like to say it was damn cold there plus the rainy weather and all *shivering*.My frend did joined the lan party, his eyes was red... hehehe. Imagine 40 hours playin games without sleeping and can only go out from the lan party area for 3 hours *DIEEE*. Got some photos, but was taken by my frend with his D60 but with my nikkor 18-105mm lens (D90 stock lens)

(me and my friends)

(Wanted the Game)

(nice keyboard)

(sorry ati girls, im in to nvidia)

(Peace XD)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

30 minutes flood

Im totally bored right now. Just updating my blog with craps. Yesterday, it was "raining like cats and dogs". Some people might not know the meaning of "raining like cats and dogs". Well, like a student from a college once explained, "it was raining heavily till the cats and dogs ran back home" hehehehe.

It was about 3pm yesterday, the weather was bad. It was sudden, raining till it flooded the hostel car park area. Yup... its true, got few pics.

But the weird thing is, the rain and the flood last only for 30 minutes. WEIRD huh.. after that, the sky was blue with bright white puffy clouds.

(the view from my room)

Thats all for now. Haish... bored again