Thursday, March 25, 2010

Treasure Hunt (MMU College Festival)

Yesterday... 24th... The college festival made a competition called Treasure Hunt.... and no, im not part of the commitee. 2 days earlier, my frend called me to help her with her station. She said her station will be a Fashion Show and the treasure hunt will start around 8pm. So, i decided to join, brought my gear (Nikon D90 of course) and also my flash. Just wanna play around with the flash and see how it goes.

Its simple, there are 7 groups. each group needs to go to each station to finish a task. For the Fashion show station, each team needs pic a small paper in a box consist of 3 types of animal, hedgehog, parrot and a mermaid (is memaid an animal?? XD). Then each teams needs to dress up like the animal they choose for 10 minutes with using newspaper, flour, green stickers, crayon, marker, chili sos and few more items. Then... CAT WALK XD

Thats all i guess. below are the pics i take. Only few was taken with the speed light flash

(The first team)

(The 2nd team)

(The 3rd team)

(The 4th team)

(The 5th team)

(The 6th team)

(The 7th team)

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