Friday, March 19, 2010

Flood (Danger Level 10)

Its been a while, so i wanna update with an incident that happen today. It all started....

While i was in the library, studying, teaching my friend a thing or two about programming because i got a test at 4.30pm.

Went back hostel around 12.30pm and found out that my roommate Danial (for those who don't know him, he was the one who picked me as his assistant for the CCIP Opening Ceremony and he was the one who threw my wallet in the dust bin) was not there. He went back to JB with his gf. I got the news from my second roomate, Rein (for theose who don't know him, he was the one who invited me to MMU Yukata and he was the one who took me to Putrajaya then jump like mad long2 time ago). Rein was packing at that time, since he wanted to go back home too. So i was alone.

At 3.00pm, wen back to the library.

At 4.00pm, getting ready for the test.

At 4.30m test.

Then at 5.00pm, it started raining.... What The !@#$%^&. I forgot to close the window. AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!. I cant do anythin since im in the lab

Around 6.00pm the test ended. It was ok, not that hard. But not too easy. As for my hostel, "BANJIR!!!". huhu. All my stuff (only my stuff) was wet. Haish. There was even a little pool of water at the corner. I did manage to take a pic of my table, but that was it, because... after i cleaned the small pool was when i realize that this could b a good topic for my blog (which then i realize again that its not... i think XD).

My things that became the victim of the flood are
*Desktop PC
*Samsung LCD monitor
*Sonic Gear Blue Thunder Speaker
*Logitech Mouse
*Mouse Pad
*HTC Touch Two
*Old Sony Ericsson W850i
*Ipod Shuffle 2nd Generation 1GB
*Ipod Shuffle USB Adapter
*Sony Earphone
*Fossil Watch
*Tune Credit Card

Thank god only 1 died (the mouse pad) in the incident. Others ended up with scratches and bruises. Nothing serious XD

Note to self, make sure to always close the window.

Anyway, just wanna tell that 2molo, i will b going to the 2nd Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2010... woooohoooo... cant wait

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