Tuesday, March 30, 2010

MMU Game Fest '10

On the 27th and 28tha Game Fest was held in MMU. What is it about? Its all about games. From board games to console games, everything was there. A lot of competition was held on that day. Dota, Rubik's Cube, Risk, Counter Strike, Rock Band (love this game... XD) and many more But i only went there on the 27th, since i got my test on Monday. I did played a game called DiRT 2. Its a racing game, developed with the help of Codemaster KL (yup... Malaysian).

But... too bad... i got number 2 (really wanted the prize... even though i'm not sure what it was XD). Picture below

Aik... no pictures???

AHHHHH!!!!... I lost all the pics... huhu... i think i accidentally delete it all...
Note to self: Don ever press Shift+Delete (permanent delete) to delete pictures ever again... huhu

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