Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta '10


Hmm, just wanna make this SHORT. This year is the 2nd International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta in Putrajaya. It started on the 18th and ended yesterday. Me and my friends went there on the 20th (Saturday). Juz wanna polish my photography skills and also hv fun XD... teeheee. Anyway, went there by bus around 8am. We didnt ride any balloons since its RM10 starting from 0m to 10m and back to 0m for few second at the same spot (wat a rip off... dont u think??). So we just take pictures and all.

A lot of funny things happen that day. At first was wen we took our pictures near a wall, suddenly a big grasshopper landded on my friend's (Farah) shoulder. When the grasshopper flew away, she cried... (aaawwwww... XD). Second was when we went to a petting zoo (pat2... meow) at 4pm... but the birds there do bite and almost bit my friend's (Afina) arm. She screeeeeaaaaamed!! (AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!... XD)

Around 8pm, there was a marching band, but it was too crowded. Right after that was the Night Glow, where each hot air balloons torch their fire thingy while following the rhythm of the music. Then there's the fire works. Went back and arrived MMU around 11pm. Pictures below... hope u all love it

Hmmm... its not even short... XD


  1. Meowahahaha!!! Nasib baik datu tak bubuh gambar fina takut kambing tu and dont ever try to do so okay!! heheee :D

  2. i like the pic yg ada payung+bubbles!

  3. tq XD... but... just that pic yg nice?? :'( huhu...