Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Its been a very2... veeeeeryyyyy... long time since ive update my blog. *sorry* XD

But now i got sumthin to talk about. Its CCIP. What the !@#$ is CCIP??... not sure... kidding XD

Well... CCIP means Cross Culture Integration Program. Its a program with lost n lots of culture since MMU got like about 88 different culture of student... i think la. The main purpose is to *eratkan lagi hubungan* all the cultures in MMU.... *malas wanna translate.. hehe*.Anyway, the CCIP event started on the 8th of Feb (yesterday), and will end on the 11th of Feb (This coming Thursday).

Without me noticing, i was the Head Assistant of the main Opening Ceremony of CCIP (not kidding... i was hopping it was a joke... at first XD). The Head of the Opening Ceremony is my roommate Danial (The one who threw my wallet in the dust bin... click here to read more bout the wallet in the dustbin XD). We where like so busy planing this and that, making letters for inviting the VIP, buying spray paint, flowers and also party poppers, planing for the stage design and much2 more... including buying 4 little birds called Cross, Culture, Integration, Program. What are the birds for??? for the opening la.

On the 6th (Saturday)
The stage hv not been set up yet, they shud have done it 3 days before. So me and Danial decided to go and buy the birds and all. Arrived back in MMU at 11.50... still the stage hv not been set up yet. Then we decided decorate the stage the next day.

On the 7th, 11.00am (Sunday)
We panicked cz we forgot to buy polystyrene board. All the shops around MMU are closed cz it was Sunday. Our Opening Ceremony team decided to blow all the balloons first while thinking of plan B. Then we decided to find any shop that sells polystyrene plates where we can paint it with the spray that we hv bought. Luckly one of our crew members found a shop near by that sells those plates. But then we found an unused polystyrene board nearby our room... hehe. So we are back to plan A.

Around 12pm-2pm
The stage hv not been set up yet... so we went for lunch and get back to work. Our plan was to Spray the board with red color, put the wordings on top of the painted board, then spray it again with another layer but with green color instead. So we tested on a peace of paper first. Then sumthing went wrong. The finishing color shud be green with the wording in red, but the green and red mixed and change into a maroon like color. So we panicked again. Then we decided just to put the letters directly without any paint then spray the board with green color and our letters will be in white. So we tested a little spray on the back side of the polystyrene with green color (just in case anything bad happen) , but somthing bad happened. The polystyrene started to melt slowly.... AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!! We where seriously panicing, wondering why it started to melt. So we tested on the plates and this is the result.

Around 2pm-5pm (it was raining)
We changed to plan B. But then the plates are too small. So we decided to buy a *manila card* and just rap the polystyrene board. As for the plates, cut them into letters, C, C, I, P and just stick it on the board.

My friend here Ahmed did an excellent job with the cutting using a knife... very precise, it took him more then half an hour to cut it.

When the board hv been raped nicely by Hema and Farezza, its time to stick those letters on the board. Ahmed went to his friends class to return the knife, so Farezza and Hema was in charge of the sticking thing. When the last letter need to be doubled taped on the board, both of them did a little mistake, that was when Farezza accidentally broke the letter "P" in half... hahahahaha. They then took a new plate and cut it with a scissor in just less then 10 second and replaced the broken one. When Ahmed arrived, they pretend that nothing happened... so funny.... hahaha.

Around 5pm-6pm.
The rain started to slow down. We hv completed stacking all the balloons together, and the board looks nice. Then a security told us to clear the room since we just booked the room till 6pm. So we packed all our stuff and kept it safe in the CCIP Malaysian Division room and went back to *mandi* XD

At 8pm (back on the stage)
The stage was done... wooohooo. Lots of people working here and there in their own booth. From East Malaysia Division booth to Nigerian Division booth. Then the Malay division was decorating the stage.... WHAT!!! They told us that they will be performing on the stage the next day afternoon, so they need to decorate as soon as possible. Then what are we going to do with our design??? What a waste of time! So we just hung the balloons and continue doing the rehearsal for the opening instead. Started with arrival of the VIP, speech, release of the bird as the opening, performance by Malaysian and International Division and... done. Then two of our crew Farah and Afina was trained to guide the VIP since they will be the usher for that opening day. Then we went for dinner around 1am the next day, in the mean time my friend helped us with the location of the board and the design since it will be such a waste of energy and effort if we throw the board away. Went back to my room and slept around 4am.

On the 8th Feb, 7.30am (Monday... The CCIP Opening Ceremony day)
Woke up, making sure everything is ready before going to the stage. Transfer the birds from the old cage to the new cage in my room. Everything was nice and smooth. On the way to the door, i saw sumthin flew to the window.... AAAAAHHHHH... the bird slid through the bars below the cage. Then two more flew. I ran and close all the windows and catch all the birds. luckily i caught all the birds in the nick of time.

Around 8.30am
Arrived at the stage... it was like hell. No sofa's, speakers and amps just arrived, no table for the VIP, no lion dance group, and no MC. Alhamdulillah, everything turned out well before the arrival and also after the arrival of the VIP. Below are the pics

Note: Sorry for the long maintenance, i was on holiday (Chinese new year) with my family... in Cameron Highland... wooohooo.... will update bout that soon... but before that... ill update about CCIP I-NITE... XD

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