Friday, December 4, 2009


Around 11am I think, this morning. I was using my laptop on my bed. My roommate was clearing the study table n cleaning the room a bit. Throwing unwanted rubbish and all, then he started packing for his SRM Kem Trip. Suddenly my roommate asked me "U owe me RM25 right". Well yea, I did owe him RM25. So I climb down my double-decker bed, search for my wallet on the table, it was not there. So I search in my pocket, not there. I might have put it on my bed, not there either. If I left it on the bed before i went to bed last night, I might have kicked it of the bed, so I checked the second bed below my bed (double-decker bed), then search underneath the second bed. Checked my jeans, shorts, begs, drawers, boxers, underwear... still, my wallet is missing.

At 11.58, my roommate said "it’s ok, u can pay me next time" cz he was kindda late for the trip. So he went off. I on the other hand was still searching for my wallet. Then i started to clear all the bags under the bed, n searched 1 by 1, each bags. I was going nuts. Then i remembered last night I went out to by food. So I slowly follow the path that i took from my hostel to the food stall, n I still can’t find my wallet.

At 12.22, i started to give up, and then i remembered that i went to the toilet before this, so maybe i left it in there, and still the wallet is nowhere to be seen. So, i double check under the bed, taking all the bags under the bed out, again, searching inside out. After searching... jeng jeng jeng...... still no wallet... (damn)

at 1.01, i tried to remember what did i do with the wallet. I was sitting in front of the PC, thinking like a mad man, doing nothing. Just breathing and thinking. The only thing I remembered was goin out last night to buy some food for dinner, return back to my room n ate my dinner. Then that gave me an idea where to search, the dustbin right outside my room. Since I ate in my room last night, i threw the remaining n plastic in the dustbin, it’s possible that I threw my wallet at the same time.

at 1.18, DAMN... no, no... not my wallet, cz its even worst, the dustbin had already been clean by the hostel cleaner... NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!. But there’s a small plastic bag in there. The colored plastic packet in the small plastic bag makes me want to inspect it a little more. cz the colored plastic packet remind me of my roommate’s fav oatmeal biscuit. So i picked it up.

Looked closely

Then I looked underneath the plastic



My roommate must have accidently took my wallet wen he was cleaning the room around 11.oo in the morning. How dare you took my wallet and throw it in the dustbin... hehe... XD.... no harm done

Dats all

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