Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Cameron Highland

Yup, this is it, Cameron highland for holiday (CNY) with my family.

It all started with the arrival of my parents. we staid at my aunts house. since evryone including my sister sharlina was there, my dad decided to go to Cameron Highland on the 13th for holiday.We rent a Naza Ria, and started the trip early morning that day. The traffic jam was like sooooo loooong

Should take us about 3 hours but the trip took us about 7 hours for us to arrive. We arrived in Tanah Rata at night and we booked an apartment since we are going to stay there for the night. Then we went for dinner at KFC, but not sure the name of that area. after that, we round2 for near that area for fun. then, we went back to the apartment, n sleeeeeeeeeeeep XD

The next morning, the water was so damn cold, "mandi".... *brrrrr~*. Went for brakefast.

Our first stop was strawberry farm, but too bad, we cant really go up close and touch those strawberrys. So i ordered strawberry ice cream instead... hehe.

After that we went to a diferent strawberry farm, still no luck, cant touch those strawberry.

Our 3rd stop, jeng3... The farm was on a hill, and wit was big, super big. Yes, we can get up close, even pick those strawberrys our selfe. cool huh

Next stop was the Teh Boh field... the view was amazing, but the road was really dangerous. Not much to say since we didnt go to the little cafe on the hill. so we juz took some picture. That afternoon, we went back to subang... thats all... yup, i know its jz for 2 days but it hv been a long time since my family went for a holiday 2gether.

end... muah2 XD

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