Friday, February 26, 2010

MOTO GP (Test Session)

On the 24th and 25th, me and my class mate went to Litar Sepang to see the Moto GP test session. Why we went there??? Cz its FREEEEEEE~~~... hehe. No la, its cz one of my class mate is a big fan of Moto GP and also a big fan of Valentino Rossi (One of the best Moto GP racers... in the WORLD). Why did i follow him, well... juz wanna try sports photography XD

On the 24th Wednesday
Went there around 12pm.... was really2 n i mean really HOT. My whole body was melting. anyway... we can only see 2 bikes on the track and those bike was damn loud. Suzuki and Yamaha if im not mistaken. I took few picture.

We where waiting for Fiat and Ducatti to come out, but no luck. The next day was wen we found out that the riders was just trainees XD

On the 25th Thursday
My friend badly wanna go to Litar Sepang again cz he heard that Valentino Rossi was there. Went there around 1pm-2pm and yea... he was there. Bit cloudy. There ware like 5 bikes on the track and was super fast. Faster then the day before since the drivers are pros. Valentino Rossi is the one wearing a helmet with a chicken on top

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