Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New Gear

Recently, my dad came to KL. He's plan was to buy a new dslr camera for him, the D300. But me and my brother suggested that my dad should buy the new D300s that had been 'released' (thats wat we herd). We went to Sungei Wang, Lowyat, 1 Utama, Mid Valley, and also Subang Parade... and found out that the new D300s will be in stores at the end of this month... say wat?!... yup, we (me and my bro) thought that the new D300s and D3000 had just been released, well... its true... but, will be in stores end of this month. Ain't that just so damn comfusing...

Heres Nikon Malaysia main website about the new D300s, stated there Released : 30-07-2009

Ow well, my dad just hv to wait. Since he didnt buy any camera, i got my new gear for my dslr... hehe... no no, its not a lens, its just a UV filter for my stock lens 18-105mm (yup, b4 this im using without filter... thank god no scratch) and.... drum roll please....... a new EXTENTSION TUBE (WTFH is that thing) hehe. Its an extension where u fit it on the body of the camera and the base of any lens, and taadaaaa... there u go, a new macro lens. hehe

Whats a macro lens? Its a lens where u can shoot photos close up, thats all i guess, hehe.

The Kenko PRO1D UV filter that i got for my 18-105mm stock lens

The 3 Kenko extension tube that can be stack on each other to get magnification beyond 1:1

Below are random pictures

Love the 'BOKEH' effect so much
What is bokeh? Well, bokeh is from a Japanese word referring to the blur effect
For more info about bokeh Click Here

My brother's hand

My car... hehe... a Hummer

For my next post... ill b posting about my review on my new extension tube... till then... see ya

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