Saturday, August 22, 2009

Kenko Extension Tubes

At last... Did so many experiments with my kenko extension tubes and i would like to say, u do need some time to master it.

Note: For any photographers reading this... this post might b useful
Note: For any non photographers reading this... the pictures here are totally cool... especially the tooth brush... hehehe
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Note: All the pictures in this post where taken by me
Note: I thinks there's too much note in this post... hehe

Before i start... the function of the extension tube is to get a bigger magnification for any DSLR lens... or in other words... like a macro lens.

Introduction about the extension tubes...

(Kenko extention tubes... 12mm, 20mm, and 36mm)

The extension tubes cost about RM700-RM600 (includes 3 tubes... 12mm... 20mm... and 36mm like in the picture above). These 3 tubes can be stack on one another creating more magnification. To use the these tubes, mount it to the body of ur DSLR and mounting any lens on the extensions. Confused? Here is a picture that might help... hehe

(In this picture... u can see all 3 tubes stacking one another with the lens at the end)

Note: Reading this part below might be boring for some people... it's too technical... brace urself... hehe

Using this extension tubes... exposure meter works perfectly and all AF (auto focus) lenses works great... till when u stack all 3 tubes... the AF gets confused because of the small DOF (depth of field). So... the more u stack the tubes... the smaller the DOF, yet giving a higher magnification. But... there is a problem... attaching the tubes reduce the focusing distance... resulting unable to focus to infinity, thus creating just a small focusing distance.

Btw... for this review... i will be using my new Nikon D90 XD... and a 50mm f/1.8 prime lens

(my 50mm f/1.8 prime lens)

(my Kenko extension tubes)

Below are the pictures that i took with the extension tube... y i took a picture of a toothbrush?? i have no idea...

Note: All photos taken using aperture priority, maintaining the aperture at f/11 while the shutter speed fixed at 1/60 sec since i'm using the built in pop up flash, holding an A4 paper at the top end of the lens as a diffuser, set my focusing distance at 0.45m

Without tube

With 12mm tube

With 20mm tube

With 12mm+20mm tubes = 32mm

Align Center

With 36mm tube

With 12mm+36mm tubes = 48mm

With 20mm+36mm tubes = 56mm

With 12mm+20mm+36mm tubes = 68mm

From the last pic... the 12mm+20mm+36mm = 68mm... i zoom it at 50%, croped it... and got this

Note: Cool pictures below

Love the detail

A normal 1:1 macro lens cost more then RM1000 and the picture quality is good, but the extension tube won in term of cost yet havin a magnification way beyond the normal macro lens.

So... the conclusion here is that... brush ur teeth every morning... hehe

Till then... tata

Note: See... told ya... too much note... hehehe


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