Saturday, August 8, 2009


Just came back from Sabah. last week was my midterm break... so i went back to sabah... cz i miss my home. Didnt do much, juz rest, sleep and eat. But i got the chance to use my dads dslr Nikon D90 'wooooooo' since i sold my Olympus E-520. Took few amazing shots. Using a Tamron 90m 1:1 macro lens with F2.8 widest apature.

Handling the d90 and testing it... i would like to say that this dslr is a uniqe mid-range class dslr. It is capable of capturing photos with high iso while reducing alot of noise. This camera could also record a HD 720p 24fps videos and its the first dslr with high-def video. I would give this camera an 8 out of 10. Why not 10 out of 10... well... i think the new Nikon D300s that hv just been released deserves a 10 out of 10. Not to mention that im giving a 9 out of 10 for the D700 and 1000 out of 10 for both pro-range class dslr D3 and D3X... hehehe. These are the photos that i took using the D90 at the front yard of my house in Sabah.

Aperture f/11, Shutter speed 1/320 sec, ISO-200

Aperture f/4.5, Shutter speed 1/320 sec, ISO-200

Cool huh... hehe. Before my flight to KL just now... my dad gave me his D90 'OMFG' hehe. Yea... its true... i cant believe it at first, hehe "tq dad" XD. Maybe its because i now know a thing or two about dslr... or maybe he was amazed by the pictures i took... hehe. Still... tq dad. Thats all for today i guess. tata...

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