Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Just updated my previous post with some pics and stuff... do read it... hehe

B4 i post about my review on the extension tube, i would like to post some crap to fill up my 5 minutes of my boring life and also to waste 1 minute of whoever that is reading this right now. There are so many original stuff in this world... but... where there are original... there are fakes. I came across this two famous... not stuff where u can wear or use... but food that had been copied out there... what surprise me the most was that it looks almost the same like the original... people could just assume that its the original, took it, and bought by mistake...

Ferrero Rocher? FAKE

Twisties? FAKE

There u go... 1 minute in your life gone by just reading this crap... ain't that just wonderful... hehe
Next post will be bout the extension tube... i assure u... i think... hehe... tata XD

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