Friday, April 9, 2010

Taking Photos Near Alamanda

Hi... Lots of things happen yesterday till today. So ill divide the post into 2 part. This post will be the first part where we took photos near Alamanda around 4pm yesterday. My friend Fara invited me to join her with Fina and Fariz (or is it Faris... not sure... sorry XD). So i decided to join. Ate KFC.... MMMmmmmm ~ KFC XD

Then took some photos around Alamanda

Each people hv their own perfect pose that makes them look totally different (in a good way... XD). All i can say is that from these photos, i think Fara and Fina do hv potential. So i think i want to take them for a photo shoot as a model 1 day somewhere in Putrajaya or maybe do some flash photography. Cant wait XD

Anyway... the next part of this post will be about the sudden plan that i made... will update on the next post XD

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