Friday, April 9, 2010

Sudden Plan to Genting

Yup.... sudden plan to Genting.

From the prev post... me, Fara, Fina and Fariz (or Fariz XD) took pics in Alamanda... then around 5pm i need to go back cz i planed few days ago with Danial that we wanna go Shopping. YAY. I invited Fara and Fina too. So me, Danial, Azzah, Fara, Fina was on our way to errr... Complex Belia sumthin2 near Bukit Jalil cz got sale there. But i didn't shop... cz no money... no shop XD.

After that, we were on our way back sum1 suggested to go to Genting Highland... n i was like... "JOM.... JOM... JOM Genting... beli makanan... pegi Genting.... makan kat sana... then balik.... JOM!!!" then we went there... and i mean seriously went there. We all hv fun there... and yea, it was damn cold. Took some pics, 'lepak2' and ate our mcD that we bought earlier. Danial bought sumore KFC (he eats alot... if dont belive me... click here to see Carl's Jr post). I think i was the only person there wearing a 'Slipar Jepun'... ahak XD.

We were there till 2am today, and b4 we go back to MMU, we bought pastries, cupcake and donuts. On the way back, we all 'SUAP MENYUAP' each and evry1 in the car, sharing and trying each pastries, cupcake that we bought... XD... hehehehe... we arrived in MMU around 4am. Poor Danial hv to drive the whole night.... but he said it was worth it XD


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