Sunday, April 18, 2010

COLOURAMA 2010 Meeting (Chiptune)

What is Colourama?

Its an event that combines fashion, trend, video, music and design in one place! The concept is 8-bit (1982-1990 era); and in particular the graphics architectures, algorithms and techniques being employed at that time in computer games. Previous event was Colourama 2008 in Galaxy Ampang. These types of music (mostly created using a gameboy) are called chiptune music. Videos of the previous event below

On the 17th yesterday, there was a meeting for the event Colourama 2010 at 2pm Time Square. Its like an audition or they call it "pemilihan". Aimen or Mikrobotman, one of the top chiptuner in Malaysia was there to invigilate other new chiptune performer. Soon came Jaka or JW86, he is one of the top chiptuner in Indonesia and the person who influence Malaysians in chiptune music. The actual date for Colourama 2010 is on the 9.10.2010


(Yanniz the organizer)


(Gameboy XD)

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