Thursday, September 10, 2009

Photo Shoot

Its 4.30am in the morning... "SAHUR!!!".... wait aaa~... I eat first...

Im done... hehe

In my previous post i did mention that i "balik" Sabah... well... just for about 3 days... but i did few things. In fact, i did a lot of things when i was in Sabah... including my favorite subject... photography. It was Sunday 6/9/2009... i was just sitting in the living room... lookin at my toes. Then i took my camera outside... i even took my dads Tamron 90mm macro lens.... attached it with all 3 extension tubes that i got, n took some pics. The pics are not that good though... need lots of practice. I posted some pics i took below

(the same flower i took with the macro lens in my previous post)

(Hard to really focus the fly... this is the only good pic i got, still not good enough)

(My lil sister's eye... the position ain't that good, she keeps moving)

But then... after few shots... my dad called me. He gave me an assignment... do a photo shoot of my lil sister, dayang shazreena (whaaaaaat!). The prob is that... to have a good studio photo shoot, i need a good studio light. But... b4 searching a light source... i need to make a mini studio. I did manage to make evrything, including getting some good lighting. I did evrything in the guest room. My mum helped my lil sis with her hair and all. The result are good. Here are some of the pics

Then i pick a few of the best pictures... and edit it in one picture... using a black background

(i picked this 3 shots because each hand posture shows different meaning)

My dad was pleased with the result... he even told me to copy the pictures i took to his laptop. JOB DONE... hehe

Thats all for now... tata XD


  1. Nice eyes! siap buleh nampak reflection lagik! perfect10!

  2. Hehe... timekasih XD... still bnyk lagi need to learn