Monday, September 14, 2009


FYI... my brother's FYP presentation was awesome. Hehe.

Yup, his Final Year Project presentation (FYP). He told me to take same pic, so i came. It was held in the Faculty Of Engineering (FOE) building. He was calm n cool when presenting. His project was creating a sound effect program using a software called MATLAB... and i would say... he did well. The program converts voice or any other sounds to a few multiple choices from Chipmunks to Dath Vader (uuhhhhhuuuuuuu... I AM YOUR MOTHER... hehe). My brother did mentioned that his plan was to create a conversion from a male voice to a female voice (that would be so cool)... but he said it was !@#$ hard. After the presentation... he was like "punya laaa... so nervous" hehehe. Here are some pics

There u go... hehe... thats all 4 now... tata

Post edited... correction... its not a software... im not sure wat called it... n i'm pretty sure its not a software

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