Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My SB-600 and Light Stand

A week ago i got myself a SB-600 speedlight for my Nikon D90.

Bought from a friendly guy... the condition is still good. His reason for sale is to save money for the SB-900... whoo~. I test it few times... learning the basics of manual flash where the aperture controls the exposure and the shutter controls the ambient light. Really cool... starting to understand the concept of flash power... and how to use the Nikon wireless CLS or iTTL system... But i mostly use the manual, so TTL is out of my dictionary for wireless flash... i took some pic

This is a simple shot. Just place my roommate's (Danial) perfume on the table, with the SB-600 behind it. The shutter speed at 1/4000s eliminates the ambient light creating a pitch black background. In this photo, i was holding an A4 paper right in front of the perfume so that it creates a long white reflection on the cover of the bottle perfume. Picture not edited.

Yesterday, at noon, i received my percale by Postlaju... wooohooo... my light stand that i ordered from www.shashinki.com... simple stand to put the SB-600. since i hv got no bracket for the flash to stick to the stand and a white umbrella, ill just make my own by scratch. DIY... hehe

Cool huh... today i turned the guest room into a studio... well... just a simple studio. Still learning how to take a proper portrait.

Tata... XD

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